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Enjoy My Tattoo Video! Just To Guide You To The Journey Of Body Art!  So The Video Is Small, You Can Enlarge It On Your Computer! I’m Still Working On Perfecting My Tech Skills!

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My Dream & Vision

(1) Offering Great Classic Rosewood Massage For A Unique Experience! – $80 for a 60 minute session

(2) Try an Herbal Hair Removal Treatment, Gentle, No Wax Used, Amazing Long Lasting Results! Check Out My Service Page!

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(3) Offer wonderful  facials and scalp treatments for relaxing the mind, body & soul

(4) Offer one-on-one private stretching tutorials to address lower back, shoulder, and neck tension. Take advantage of my extensive yoga training

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     I Truly Hope You Enjoy All Of My Videos Made With Love & Dedication For You To Learn More About Me & My Love For Animals & Keeping The World Peaceful & Healthy From The Inside Out! Inner Beauty, Is Just As Important As What We Look Like On The Outside! Cheers

Hi Friends, this page is dedicated in sharing a little bit about myself. As you can see, I LOVE the 1940’s & 1950’s. Why? Because to me, it was such a romance period of time. Great movies, beautiful and elegant movie stars and just a more relaxed life. I LOVE all kinds of animals and have three dogs, Dolly Rose, my black & white little girl, Julianne, my red & white little girl and Yoshi, my white furry little man. I try to combine by business with helping homeless animals find loving homes. Through my food donations by me and my kind clients, my time and energy, I feel like I’m making a small difference in helping homeless animals in my local area. Can you do the same? Please adopt if you have the Love & Time to give to an animal that needs you. All You’ve got is all you can give, and that will always be enough. Have a Wonderful & Happy Day! You can never have too much Happy!

Enjoy my Question & Answer format along with my video showing my pets & more!

Where did you grow up, where do you live now and what is your educational background?

I grew up in a small town, Pacific Grove in California and now live in warm Florida working in my private practice in     skincare and hair removal for men! I have my education in skincare, massage and yoga!

Graduated from Monterey Bay Beauty Collage, 600 hours,”Institute Of Touch,in massage therapy, 500 hours and Yoga Center Of Carmel, yoga instructor, 200 hours.

I see you like to dance! Why do you dance in some of your videos?

Yes, I do love to dance!!! I love to dance because it feeds my sensual, creative and happy personality! I want to inspire romance, joy and get you to smile through my dancing and sexy instructional videos!

Why are your pets in some of your videos?

My pets, Dolly Rose, my black and white girl, Julianne, my red and white girl, Yoshi, my white fluffy little man. They inspire me to be a happier person and at the same time I hope to help animals find loving and happy homes. I hope by showing pictures of my pets more kind people will open their heart to adopt and give an animal in a shelter a chance to give and receive love!!! Love is all you need!!! 

Who Takes Your Pictures & Videos Miss Wendy?

I get this question all the time. Your right, its impossible for me to take my own pictures and videos. I have a kind neighbor friend that meets me for projects every now and than at the beach. I have only my Sony Camera, My Endless Imagination & Free Spirit to carry my project to completion just for your enjoyment. Since I’ve moved here from California five years ago with only my cat and my suit case I feel lucky to have a platonic friendship with my neighbor who is willing to tag along with me once in awhile. “Friendship is your weakest point, than you are the strongest person in the world.”

Miss Wendy how do you keep in shape and why don’t you Tan?

To be honest I don’t have much time to go to the gym. I try to do some yoga everyday and take my dogs for a walk! I love to see people with a tan but a suntan on fair Irish Gals like myself is tough on white skin. I try to be an example for healthy skin since that’s my business here in Florida. I believe that even us white girls can rock a bikini at the beach with or without a Tan!!! “I  Used To Be Snow White, But I Drifted.” Mae West

What makes me cry for joy?

When I can help bring people and homeless animals together for a happy ending for all.

Why does some review sites differ in what clients say about your skincare & massage practice?

Most of the review sites but one is fair and balanced on line. But like I tell my clients there are also trolls out there that want to spread lies and hate. It’s a free country so of course they can say anything they want about anyone. One of my clients summed it up perfectly. “Wendy, your doing something right if you don’t make a few enemies out there in cyber space.” So I tell my my clients think for yourself and when your in Wendy’s World you are important and I will do my best to help you look great with smoother hairless skin and/or enjoy a well deserved massage on my health mat. Cheers.

How do I make an appointment with you Miss Wendy? You will never regret a stop to my peaceful little office. I hope where ever you are my friend  you can always find Peace & Serenity in your Heart. Let this carry you gracefully throughout your life for the ultimate Love & Joy  you can experience within your soul and whole being.  Cheers!
Wendy can you please explain why your hair removal system is better than waxing & shaving the body?

Yes indeed, Please look at my service page for more details on the topic. When you shave or wax your body, you create some micro trauma to the skin surface. Of course waxing is more aggressive because your ripping the skin to get to the hair root. Not fun and it hurts! When shaving is performed on the body, many times niches and cuts can happen due to a dull razor or just having to reach a body part at difficult angle. So waxing and shaving can create trauma to the skin surface. When the hair starts to grow back, many times people get ingrown hairs and hard stumbles because the hair is trying to brake through the skin barrier as it grows back. My wonderful hair removal product is the Best in Florida and gets rid of body hair without trauma to the skin. My hair removal system protects and nourishes the skin while it dissolves the unwanted hair on the body. So those are just a few facts about hair removal and I hope it helps you to better understand your options on this topic. It’s Worth the drive, Worth the time and most of all your worth it! Cheers

What is the summary here?

Please Enjoy All My Fun & Very Unique Videos Through Out My Website Made By Me With Love. I Hope To Meet You Soon!

The End

“When we practice loving Kindness & Compassion we are the first ones to profit” -Rumi