A New Beginning For Posting

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DSC00825 Hi Friends, starting this week, well tonight, Friday. I will be posting weekly about different topics and adding videos here and there too. Questions that may come up in my office or just insights about the week will be discussed here on my forum. I just did a creative and a bite daring stunt recently. I had a fake drawing of a shark bite drawn on my side and than did a new video for my contact video on beach. I hope you like it? I don’t really know why I’m so whacky at times? But I know it makes me happy and I have fun. I guess my message for this week is, have a bit of fun! I know we all get busy and life is very fast and difficult at times for all of us. For example, when I wanted to do this video it was raining heavily and it was not looking like beach weather at all. But I decided that I would take a chance and go anyways. Sometimes you have to just take a chance and try something anyways. Like my videos, I made may really bad videos but never gave up on my dreams. I knew there was a need for fun up lifting and positive videos on the internet. I hope this week you can do something daring and fun too. Till next week. Have a great weekend and week friends! Cheers”