About How I Make Visit Arrangements Each Day For My Clients

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Photos For Angel Lovers 8Hi Friends, I will be working this weekend. But I don’t really like to call it work because I enjoy what I do and making people good by my touch and grooming business. Most of all I love to hear when people see my dancing videos and it makes them smile! Remember friends, I work on my own, I don’t have 3, 4,  5, ….etc people working for me.  So what I do is tell everyone, “Hey call me early a little after nine and if the person sounds Sincere, Sober and most of all speaks English than I will make them an appt that day! Each day is different. Some days everyone calls me all at once and other days no one calls me at all. So if you call too late, or whatever, than just call me on another day. Please, Please do not take it personally its just I take my time and run a low volume business.  All that said, I hope to meet you soon and have a great weekend. Cheers