Almost The End Of July! Oh No! But Wait, Wendy To The Rescue!!!

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summer-pic Hi friend, WOW it sure is very hot this summer. Please stop by my vintage cozy office in Palm Bay. Why now? What’s DSC04072 new? Aw my friend, I can’t tell all my secrets on my blog. If you want an Amazing pampering experience? Great, than why hesitate? Give me a call. I’m now transferring all my massage credits from California to Florida and I’m knocking myself out to show you what I can do. Right now, I must title my therapy as a Body rub and that OK! Just know, you will feel Amazing and that is my promise to you. Enjoy my video below and if you don’t see it yet. It should be up shortly. The lighting is not very good. But its a fun video about my zoo adventure when it was the worst storm of the year for summer time a few years back. I just went for it and ran through the zoo like a free spirited Irish Lass. LOL. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! Cheers