It’s The First Day Of February! Burr It’s Cold! Stop By And Get Warmed Up!

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new-heart Hi Friends, I hope on the first day of February morning everyone is staying warm? If you need to Relax & Warm Up call for your special visit to Enjoy a Wonderful treatment with me. I will be adding another Unique body treatment called, “Thai Touch Therapy Session” starting in the middle of February. This is a wonderful choice for everyone if you want a bit of stretching in your session and want deeper body work done. I use not only my hands but my feet on a heated health mat to release muscle tissue surrounding the skin. So if you like deep tissue touch? My “Thai Touch Therapy Sessions” might be just for you. Oh and I just finished my new website called, Check it out. I hope you like it? Enjoy my February Calendar video and have a great month. Cheers