Happy 4th of July To Everyone!

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Hi friends, tomorrow is the 1st of July! Hooray! My favorite month. I will be working on the 4th of July to help you enjoy your holiday even more! Enjoy my July calendar video up soon on this blog. Remember, if you are a hairy beast and want to not only Relax but get Super Sexy and Smooth. Give me, Miss Wendy a call and lets get your skin in the best shape possible. My Passion is your skin and my service is always a Balance between Sensual, Healing & True Results in the Appearance of your skin. If your hide is Dry, Cracked, Aging or Hairy. Let me reverse that and get you looking like Man Candy today! All I ask is that you call me Early the Same Day you want to visit me. Have A Beautiful Relaxing Day Folks!

DSC01480-Green bikini