Happy February Everyone! Almost Spring & Warmth

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Hi Friends, finally its getting warmer again and the holidays are over. My other larger room is pretty much ready for adding new Massage styles to my practice. Basically off and on. I think to myself. What would I want in a massage and why would I repeat again? I know many of you drive from far distances, I appreciate that and try to make longer session possible. so now you can Enjoy more time to relax, mix and match different massage techniques. For example, get a bit of time trying a “Traditional Style Thai Massage” with a “Deep Tissue Massage” or “Classic Rosewood Massage” Always your choice! I’m also offering a very relaxing, “Towel Hub Experience” What does this mean Miss Wendy? I use very warm large soft body towels infused with a natural unscented body cleansing gel. So nice. Must Try!
Enjoy my newest video here up shortly about my trip to St Augustine. It was very cold when I went of Dec 9th but it was worth it. I got some great pictures of the Forte. St Augustine is a must visit destination if you like historian places? The oldest city in North America, founded in 1562. Cool stuff.
Have a wonderful relaxing month. I hope to meet you soon!