Happy November Friends

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Hi Friends, I hope everyone is staying warm lately its been cold. Now I know its better than living up North. But still you know how spoiled we are being in Florida and lucky to be here. Remember I have a wonderful vintage office in Palm Bay and an Amazing Bio Matt that is so Rejuvenating to Relax on and get Real Body Work done. I almost have my massage credits transferred from California to Florida and waiting to take my test here. I do want to just briefly remind everyone that I now do Longer Therapeutic Deep Therapy Treatments. I like to take my time and address your Unique body in a Sincere Not Hurried Way. That said, can only see a few clients a day to offer my Best. So please call early or be patient and call again. I do care and want see you. Just I can’t see Everyone in one day.

Enjoy my November Calendar Video and that it makes you Smile. If not up yet? It will be in a day or so.
I wish you a great Fall season and remember I advertise on Craiglist off and on too. Remember to keep my number and you always have a place to rest your body and rejuvenate with me, Miss Wendy