Subscription Site Is Ready!!!

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Cheers Friends, its almost summer in Florida!  The hot weather is here and along with Sun, Fun & Beach Events. But if your not really careful, burns, dry skin & aging.  So this is the time of year to visit me to pamper your hide. I’m excited to offer an amazing moisturizing gel during your massage and will I have them in my office to take home too. They will be available a bit before July for you to enjoy! So what’s  exciting in Wendy’s World? My subscription site is ready. You can now see over sixteen of my best videos and many are over fifteen minutes long.  You can take your time for two months and I truly hope you enjoy them. For example, my video called, “Wendy’s Bikini Calender” took me a year to make and is very sexy and fun to watch. My newest video is out now too, “Get Hard” and is packed with sexy information you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.  At least not the way I present it. If you know a little about me. You know that I keep my videos exciting and surprising. I do work hard, battling windy days,time restraints and a limited budget. I hope you like my interpretation of erotic art in a creative, fun & classy format. Have a wonderful day in your paradise where ever life may find you here and now. CheersWelcome