Enjoy my wacky creativity in my most recent episode using my Sony camera at the beach! Of course I’m very glad not to have a real shark bite or a real tattoo of a shark bite. This is just water colors and fun times to make you smile! If you like my videos so far? You might enjoy my shop page. I made many Sexy Educational videos for men in the last three years. I want to be like the girl next door that you can get advise from in a casual fun environment. I hope you enjoy my unique videos designed to cover a wide scope of men’s topics? My videos are presented using lots of vintage erotica and nudity that only a shark could appreciate. And, maybe a few dare devils like your self! So if you dare? Take A Bite Out Of Wendy’s World!

I Love Sharks 1 I Love Sharks 2

I Love Sharks 3 I Love Sharks 4