Just Some Thoughts & Suggestions About Phone Calls & Scheduling

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Hi Friend, well some of you know that I’m working hard to get my videos up and ready for you all on my shop page. Even though there is a week delay, they will be out very soon. I’ve noticed through the week. I will get a flood of calls to make an appointment with me on one day and than I’ll have hardly any calls on other days. Just to let you know. I work by myself and do not have any one else working with me. I see only a few nice people a day, at the most three. Why? to keep the quality there and not to be rushed in and out office place. So if you call me around 9:00am and in general the earliest the better. You can see me the same day. If I’m working 1/2 a day than I will post it in my advertisement so you know what’s happening that day. For example, I had a dentist appointment last week. Believe me I would have rather been working but I had to go since I cracked one of my back teeth. Anyways, I truly love to meet new people and some of the stories you have shared with me about your pets, your health and life stories in general have touch my heart. Thank you and have a wonderful & relaxing day my friends near and far. CheersContact 3 (2)