Stay Safe Friends And Please Read Below More About My Therapies & Project!

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Hi Friends, I just want to share my gratitude to each of you for sharing your time with me. I hope that each of you have enjoyed my longer sessions and therapies? I have enjoyed giving everyone more time to relax and get truly pampered in Wendy’s World! Enjoy my monthly bikini calendar and lets give thanks that knock on wood that we get through this next hurricane without harm I will be open as long as I have electricity. Be safe and remember if I’m not on Back page. You can all find my me on Spacecoast Craiglist. I’m also selling my awesome and very sexy black hose for women. When and if you decide to see me. I will have them for you to look at and will be modeling them too. So if you have a lady you wish to give them to for a special occasion? I will have them here for Only $20 and all of my sells goes to helping Homeless Animals after hurricane Irma and any other. Thank you. Have a Safe, Beautiful and Peaceful Day! Cheers