Longer Hours For Your Summertime Relaxation & Pampering!

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Hi Friends, I hope your staying cool this summer and enjoying some R & R!!! For the summer I’m extending my hours a bit so you can stop by earlier and a bit later on some days too! I’m offering many wonderful new and fun services. So Photos for Red Bikini Lovers 5you can stop by if you like and find out for yourself how much fun I can be!LOL I’m really a nice girl but I’m sensitive to other peoples energies and vibes. So each experience with different people is unique since I’m authentic and down to earth! I will be offering basic barber style haircuts and facial trims in mid October! Once I finish my training and get my office ready! My office is VERY PRIVATE! Even if others have office space around me, once your inside its just you and me! I hope to meet you this summer! Cheers