My Birthday Month & New Stuff Coming Soon!

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Relax with WendyHi Friends, thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and especially who shared some touching animal rescue stories. It’s so wonderful to hear from some of you that  have a new best friend adopted from the animal shelter. I went to the beach on my Birthday last  Friday and took some cool pictures with Dolly Rose and did a new contact video. I was not sure if my red hair would work on the beach but this year its all about promoting creativity and individuality! The only way to live, I think. Some say, “hey Wendy, your WILD!!!” I say not really, I’m just a free spirit when I’m at the beach and just a really girl doing my thing!  My new shop page is almost done. I’m just adding a few final touches to it now. The video I have up on my shop page I did using my tripod and after doing a hard Bikram yoga class. It’s a bit dark and I might do it over later. In the video I try to explain why I did all these sexy educational videos for you! So enjoy my shop page and I hope it puts a big smile on your face as well as learning more about women. Remember to also call me early  and that I’m sincere in what I do to help you relax and take care of your skincare needs. Have a Beautiful & Relaxing Day! CheersDSC00028