New Products & Videos to Check Out In April

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I Love Vintage Girls 3 Hi Friends, I know that many of you check out my blog and new stuff coming out every now and than. Please view my “Service” page with my newest video. I found this piece of video clips when I was looking through my videos and pictures. It’s the old piece of wood I found at the beach one winter storm back in November. Also, I have a few new products I’m using to remove hair in the private areas like the ball sack. I have been hearing back from you all about how hard it is to get this sexy area smooth! So now in Wendy’s World I’ve got not only your Back & Crack. But your Ball Sack area!!! Exciting! Yes? I’ve discover a really great gentle product for that area! So make a visit and give it a try this month!Check out my videos too!!! I made them all myself to put a big smile on your face! Stay Sexy & Smooth My Friends! Cheers