New Therapies Coming Soon & More

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Photos & Stretch Video 2 Hi Everyone, just an update on some topics for this week. One, my subscription page is already to go and again you get to see over 17 videos and 1/2 or over 15 minutes long. So Sexy, So Unique like me. I tell people its OK to say I’m Unique just hopefully I’m not an Antique yet. LOL. In September, I will have another office across hall from the office I have now. I will be offering on its own or in combination with my moisturizing treatments on my table and hair removal. “Stretch Touch Therapy!” By feeling where your tight on my table and listening to your concerns about joint mobility and tightness. I can add to your treatment a nice session to gently stretch and touch those areas that need attention. I have over 10 years of yoga training and a degree in my office to proof it. So take advantage of my knowledge. You will feel so good. I know some people like to describe sessions that girls do as a “Rub & Tug experience” But really a good therapist embraces the whole person, mind, body and spirit. Which is beautiful and natural and not to be addressed as something dirty. In my practice, I do so much that is wonderful and rarely combined like offering great hair removal services, facials with professional peels but also addressing sensual energies in a natural safe and caring way. To me its not about up selling and taking all the money I can get. But caring about the clients I see and only seeing a few people a day to stay balanced and healthy myself. So if you appreciate Smart, Sexy & Unique ladies than you will like me. Have a great summer and remember to wear your sun block friends, Cheers