Relax Longer In August Friends

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Hi Friends, lets welcome in August by Relaxing a bit more. New longer sessions offered so you can relax longer and get true sincere caring touch by me, Wendy. Enjoy some of my newest videos and of course my August bikini calendar video. If its not up now it will be in the next 24 hours. Remember if your interested in hair removal? Look closely at my service page for details. There are a few people offering waxing or not really trained in the field of skincare. So please do your research before trusting anyone with your skin. I’m one of the few that really can get you nice and smooth anywhere without the pain or skin irritations. Most of all, I want to be different than most out there. So no upselling in Wendy’s World. So my prices are fair and affordable so you can give your body the gift of touch. Have a Beautiful Day! Some of my thoughts for today. Thursday! I just want everyone to know that I try to make my prices low enough so that everyone can afford to relax. I want everyone to have an opportunity to get bodywork for all walks of life. This is the difference I want to make here in Palm Bay. I hope I can gift you body with my touch soon. Cheers