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New Skincare Treatment Starting in July

Try a Rejuvenating Exfoliation Treatment for the face and problem areas on the body! Free with any hair removal treatment. Don’t have alligator skin! Let me get you looking liking man candy. It’s never too late to improve your skin and reverse the aging process. I use visual change peels that are only available with a license. Spa’s will charge you a fortune for this treatment. I’m more dedicated to helping people look and feel great at a fair price. My goal is to make a skincare plan that is affordable yet pampering for you.

New Therapy For Mid August

Enjoy some thing new “Stretch Touch Therapy” I will have an addition room with mats and props in a soothing environment.Do you have a tight area in the body that needs a bit more than massage to loosen up? Why not take advantage of my extensive knowledge in yoga training? I have the highest level training from California in the art of Yoga Therapy. I can demo for you an easy to follow stretch routine in my new office. I promise you will feel better than just getting a massage.

Optional, Add To Your Moisturizing Treatment Experience

When you call or come in for a session just ask me for 15 minute Stretch Touch Therapy Session in my new room. Why not add passive stretching and touch for those tight sore muscles in your body. For Example, you have hamstrings and lower back tightness and pain? Or Sciatica pain due to driving and sitting for long periods of time? I have some easy and relaxing techniques to really improve your flexibility before your wonderful moisturizing treatment. No Addition Charge! I Love Stretching! Just Tell A Friend About Me Would Be Nice! Remember to also check out my shop page for great advise and tips for men’s health. Like my “Get Hard” video and Two Stretches For Better Sex.” Let’s Feel Amazing Today In Wendy’s World!

Coming In October

VIP Foot Rubs With Your Moisturizing Treatment, (Optional) Includes a foot bath, foot rub and a bit of Reflexology! You Will Feel Like A King!

So Don’t Be Shy To Ask Me Where You Want To Be Smooth & Sexy This Year!

“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference” -Tom Brokaw

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