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All Clients Travelling Short & Long Distances. Always get Lot’s of time to Relax & Be Pampered in “Wendy’s World.’ Feel Welcome To Kick Off Your Shoes & Relax For At Least 60 to 120 Minutes With Out Any Up Selling. The Only Service Extra is “Hair Removal.” Please Scroll Down To Read More About My Hair Removal Services! I’m Licensed & Very Trained In this field.

Quality vs. Quantity? I choose Quality Service, Longer Sessions For Less The Cost Anywhere! Please Call Early To Schedule The Same Day. Licensed & Experienced For Quality Skincare Results & Relaxation!

To everyone who may be interested in getting rid of hair on the body. There are places right now offering hair removal and some clients are reporting bad results. Please look for someone with experience and who is a “Licensed Aesthetician” They should display a license number somewhere at their work place. This is only to help you out so you get the Best Results You Deserve. Thank you!

“The time to Relax is when you don’t have time for it.”
-Sydney J. Harris

Why Not Try A Very Unique Classic Rosewood Massage? Only $80 for a Full 60 Minute Session! Remember you are in Great Hands with Miss Wendy! I’m trained in Massage Therapy from California, MA89010 & Skincare @ The Highest Level, License #FB734737. I’m Creative in my Videos & Costumes to make my Website not only Informative But Fun to Visit too! Enjoy

All my wonderful sessions includes a therapy style “Foot Rub” with all the stops. Warm towels, my Touch and a bit of Stretching to make you feel just GREAT!

Hair Removal in most places, (Back, Cracks & Bikini Areas) Free with a “Classic Rosewood Massage” Only $20 Extra for more than one area on the body or excessive body hair in one area. No Wax Ever, No Pain Ever! 7 years of Experience & Licensed In Skincare Matters! license #FB9734737 – Florida Massage License #MM89010

FYI: I’m sure after seeing my website you get that I’m Unique in many ways. I make each and every session Special & Unique and allow plenty of time for you to Relax. I know if takes time to drive, rearrange your schedule and make the time in this busy world to Relax! For all these reasons, is why I only see three to four clients a day. So please understand if I can’t see you the Same Day. Please try again.. Each of you are Important & I want to meet you all soon!”

Relaxing Aloe Vera Facials (optional)

Are you a bit sore in a specific area? Maybe very tight and restricted? I can add a few Gentle Stretches with your session. (Just Ask)

Trained & Licensed in Skincare in California (Lic#77908). 600 Hours of Training.

Extensive training in San Francisco in Hair Removal & Spa Body massage from Institute of Dermalogica.

Certified Yoga Instructor

Licensed Skincare Therapist in Florida. (Lic#FB9734737)

Why Not Experience Something Different?

Experience What Feeling Important Feels Like By A Sincere & Caring Therapist! No Up Selling Only Pure Bliss & Relaxation!”

Cozy Quiet Office & Nice Bathrooms For Your Convenience.

Please Scroll All The Way Down The Page For More Information On Gentle Hair Removal.

Helpful Hint Guys! Women Do Find Men That Are Well Groomed Very Sexy! You Will Love It Because You Will Feel More Confident & Feel Better On Hot Days!

What’s New In Wendy’s World? For The Adventurous Client Who Want A Deeper Experience. Please Scroll Down my page for more Details.

Be it soft as a feather touch, a medium touch with just the right amount of firmness or OMG deep tissue (let me know) or a combination of the above. You will be treated as an individual.

Please Also Check Out My Website, For More Details About My Longer Sessions & Hair Removal Services!


Every other week, I will have a vintage theme from the 1940’s, 50’s,60’s and 70’s for you to relax and enjoy the magic of these special times in our history!

Special Note: My skincare trivia report to all who want to improve their skin, have sexier skin, healthier skin without the alligator hide. Yes, its true I don’t have a shower facility. My goal is to improve, moisturize, ( not grease out skin) educate and give you great tips, products, skincare and body care services. All with a smile and happy sincere personality. Did you know that too many showers, harsh soaps and in general over washing makes the skin very dry? You need a healthy ph balance in the skin’s mantle for the healthiest skin possible. You will not ever feel greasy or scented in Wendy’s World. Just Better Skin, Relaxation & Peace!


For the next two weeks, let’s enjoy the great songs and vibes of Peggy Lee! Leave my cozy atmosphere Relaxed, Smoother & Feeling Better! Remember, Call Early. First Caller >> First Served For The Day! I prefer to see few clients in a day to give you the Best Service Possible! Thank you.

Client’s Thank You Notes

“Thank you Wendy for removing all the hair off my hair Back & Bikini Area. I feel so much Better! Wow Your hair removal product does not burn or make me brake out! I can’t wait to buy it.” -Jeff

“Wow Wendy, Just what I needed after a crazy week in a lot of traffic. My whole body feels better from the moisturizing massage. I thought just my skin would feel better. But after lying on your mat along with the massage and your advise on stretching my lower back. I feel so much better. Thank you, Wendy” -Greg

“Hey Wendy,it was Great meeting you yesterday and my skin feels great after your hair removal service! I will call you again in 3-4 weeks to reschedule for another massage!” -Rodney

Here I just wanted to share one of my clients comments in a text after his session…
“Wendy I wanted to thank you for a Wonderful session yesterday. You are very warm and very good at what you do. I wish you the best and hope to see you again soon” I truly want to offer each and everyone of you the opportunity to Enjoy one of my sessions at an affordable price. We all need a little TLC sometimes. I believe like this one client you will feel the same way. I hope to meet you soon.”

On a Tuesday afternoon, one of my clients came in and really raved to me about feeling so much better after his massage. I was so touched by his sincere comments that he wanted to share his experience with others. . So enjoy this unique presentation of one gentlemen’s experience after stepping into “Wendy’s World.”

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Unknown

Enjoy, this short artsy video to give you that feeling of watching a Brave Heart movie! Please check out my media section for more creative and unique videos!


A gentle touch to the skin speaks volumes. Skin is the most important organ system of the body! A human being cannot thrive without the caring touch of others. I practice different techniques to nourish, pamper and stimulate the skin. So indirectly if its done with Love & Care is even better than a mechanical massage!


The human touch with Love & a Caring Approach is what I believe every human needs to be truly Healthy and Happy! I care about my clients and tailor my sessions to offer you the touch you need in a balanced & loving way! Your experience with me is never rushed or about getting more money! I truly want to WOW you with my touch! From my Heart to Yours!

Wendy’s Smoothing Skincare & Classic Rosewood Massage

$80 for 60 minute Session!

FYI: I truly believe that if you can make it my my quiet office in Palm Bay. You will leave experiencing a Unique & Pampering Skincare Massage & Classic Rosewood Massage. I address the Body, Mind & Spirit using my Experience, Caring Personality & all my years of training in the field of Spa Body Massages, Yoga & Skincare Therapies & Hair Removal to make your life better and less stressful. Give me a try. You won’t regret it. I hope to meet you soon! Cheers

FYI: I’m not a Massage Therapist. I did go to school in California for massage but decided to hold one license here in Florida for skincare. So I offer a “Classic Rosewood Massage” for Relaxing Your World!” How is this different from a massage? You get to relax on my health mat enjoy my Amazing products that not only nourish your skin but also correct dry cracked and sunburned skin with out that greasy feeling or scents. I also like to add stretching to my sessions since I’m a big believer in practicing Yoga. I do encourage you to ask me to show you some stretches for relieving tension in the lower back, shoulders and neck. This is optional of course.

Optionally, you can mix and match treatments like hair removal (back, crack & bikini area), facial peels and one on one stretch touch therapy with me! Only $20 extra with a Classic Rosewood Massage! More therapies coming in the Fall to make it worth the drive!

For The Adventurous Client Who Wants A Deeper Experience

DSC05906 final

Experience a 60 minute “Deep Tissue Japanese Style Massage” for Only $100! Why not get that Deeper Healing Touch that makes a big difference in how you feel. Enjoy a New Deep Tissue Japanese Style Massage that results in Healthier Skin, Deeper Relaxation for clients that usually go for Deep Tissue Services. If your Super Adventurous? Ask me to add passive gentle stretches for those tight muscular areas for that Amazing Feeling of Well Being. Please ask me which version you want when you call me. My “Classic Rosewood Massage or my “Japanese Version, Classic Rosewood Massage. The difference? The Japanese Style Classic Rosewood Massage is a Deeper Bodywork Experience. and the Classic Rosewood Massage is medium/ligher therapy touch. Both are Wonderful Experiences.

Honest Prices, Fair Prices, Sincere Genuine Service Without An Upselling Approach!
All Tips Go To Help Support Animal Rescue Organizations.

Cash Only Please! Thank you.

Enjoy my skincare massagess! I promise you leave Feeling & Looking like my pooch, Dolly Rose!

Newest skincare treatment – Try a Jamaican style cucumber & Aloe Vera Massage Treatment!  A unique blast of sensual ingredients that feels like water. Aloe Vera helps to repair & rejuvenate damage, irritated and aging skin. This massage is applied by my soft sensual touch!  This is an awesome experience especially during the summer months in Florida! Better & healthier than drinking iced soda!

Two Gentle Ways To Get A Professional Hair Removal Treatment (Great For The Back, Crack & Bikini Areas! Wonderful Gentle Experience For Everyone!)

This Irish Lass Will Remove Any Unwanted Hair Anywhere & Everywhere With Love & Tender Care.

(1) I use a  gentle professional cream applied with a brush, last 2-3 weeks for most.

(2) I use an electric shaver for people who just want the hair cut shorter.

$20 extra with each Classic Rosewood Massage

No Irritation & No Pain! Only a Pain Free Experience With Smoother, Softer Hairless Skin.” Bottom Line: New Better Product, Trained & Experienced For The Best Results For You!

Fuzzy Butts & Backs Welcome. New Year, New Products From from a secret place in the world that makes herbal hair removal products! Better Than Ever Guaranteed!

I’ve been in practice for six years here in Florida. My Experience and New Gentle Herbal Hair Removal Product will give you a Hairless Smooth Body For Summer or Any Season! I put 100% percent effort so will look & feel your Best through my Moisturizers, Herbal Tonics & Herbal Hair Removal Products!” People ask me, “Hey Wendy, why don’t you have a shower?” My answer to all is I want you to leave with Hydrated Healthier Skin than before you came into to see me. It’s ideal, if you can leave my product on your skin for at least a few hours to get the full benefits! That said, you will NOT FEEL GREASY! My products absorb very well into the skin. Remember friends, if you don’t see me for your hair removal needs because I’m too far for you to drive. Make sure you see a licensed skincare professional so you get the Best Results Possible!

Information Guide To Hair Removal Options

Other Hair Removal Services
Spa Waxing
Can last a few months PAINFUL TREATMENT for most. SKIN IRRITATION and BREAKOUTS afterwards rips the hair along with the skin.
Laser Hair Removal
Permanent Hair Removal EXPENSIVE! Takes many treatments for permanent results, DOES NOT WORK ON GREY OR BLONDE HAIR well. After many treatments you may still have some hair left and more pricey treatments.

Herbal Based Hair Removal Product & Wendy your skin friendly trained expert.
No Pain, Cost less, Best Results! Your skin is smoother. Less to no irritation or breakouts. Last for weeks! A pampering experience when you see me. Soon you can order and do it yourself at your convenience! Cost less than Waxing & Laser Treatments. Last, if you’re in my area? I can give you tips on getting the Best Results for your unique skin! Not permanent hair removal solution.

Before & After Picture Of My Most Recent Client. He Looked Amazing Afterwards & You Will Too!

Frequently Asked Questions About My Awesome Hair Removal Services

(1) How long does my hair stay gone after your hair removal treatment? I get this question a lot. For the back, most people say it does not start to grow back for at least three weeks. What people don’t realize is that when the hair does grow back. The transitional period is very comfortable. The hair grows back finer and less, especially after a few treatments. One nice plus, is most people don’t get the ingrown hairs or hard stumbles like when they use a razor.
(2)All sessions include a Fabulous Foot Rub using warm towels for that ultimate purring experience. I give so much in one session in Spa therapies for the Best price Anywhere!
(3) Wendy will I have a break out or irritation after your hair removal treatment? My answer to that question is in general. No, as long as you use my natural soap and Aloe Vera gel that I send you home with after your massage.
(4) Wendy does your hair removal product work better than shaving and last longer? The answer is Yes! Shaving you body the hair will grow back in a few days. My hair herbal hair removal product will last a few weeks, less ingrown hairs and stumbles.’
(5) Wendy how do you feel about laser hair removal? To be honest, the clients that have tried laser still have unwanted hair. Most tell me they are unhappy with the results because they need so many more treatments than what they were told”
When you’re in Wendy’s World, I will do my Best to get your Body Super Smooth and Sexy for any season or holiday event. I also do great skincare facials and use only the very Best natural, non greasy and unscented products for your skin and body!” Give it a try and you will Love it!

Special Note:

(1) All hair removal services (back, crack & bikini area) are always OPTIONAL with Soothing Classic Rosewood Massage.

(2) I offer tutorials on wet razor shaving in the privates for the very best results.

(3) Manscaping is always tricky. I must discuss your expectations and goals in person and see the condition of your skin. I will do my Best to make recommendations on what is best for your treatment if any! The Back & Crack area of the skin is different and much easier to get the Best Results. Take advantage of my manscaping tutorials so you can do it yourself without the cuts and nicks!!! I have some great tips and techniques for everyone!

(4) Sessions are never rushed and feel free to ask me questions about your skincare needs. I probably will have the right products and services to getting your skin looking and feeling great!

(5) FYI: I don’t have showers in my office. My goal is to moisturize your skin from head to toe. I promise you will not leave feeling greasy or slipping and sliding in your car seat. Many people over indulge in using chemical based soap and hot water to wash their skin. You need your natural oils and natural moisturizer to have healthy youthful skin!

“(6) Please look at my Daily Blog for updates on my newest video on my subscription site for the week. Also check out how much money has been raised to help homeless animals find loving homes with the donations and sells from my videos.

Aloe Vera Moisturizer Is Available For You To Take Home For Your After Care Routine For The Best Results.

Lot’s and Lot’s of Luxurious Hot Towels For The Face & Body With Every Session!

Get Inspired By My Newest Video on my Newest Awesome Herbal Based Hair Removal Line!

“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference” -Tom Brokaw

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