Summer Time Fun

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Hi friends, please call for a Cool Aloe Vera Massage! Remember, Aloe Vera is Wonderful for not just sunburn and as a Moisturizer too. I will be selling Aloe Vera Gel infused with Herbal Tea! Why Herbal Tea? Herbal Teas like Mint Medley and Mix Berry combos for Great antioxidant. For example, Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids will help your skin stay stronger and healthier. Please check out my new video coming out on my ‘Wendy’s Massage Menu’ page in the next week. So around July 10th. Have a Beautiful Summer. Oh ya, my Hair Removal is so Amazing now too. Gentle, Smooth skin for weeks and the Best ever. Clients that have been getting this done are coming back with less hair growth. So over time your hair will natural reduce its growing cycle. Please call if you would like a treatment in Palm Bay. Florida. Cheers