Spacecoast Treasures I Found Here In Central Florida! Enjoy The Fun & Information That Expresses Beauty, Love For Small Pets In Unique Expressions Through Dance, Costumes & Thoughtful Quotes! Live Life 100% Free Without Judgement! Remember Your Pet Will Always Love You Unconditionally! Maybe We Can Too? Enjoy

“To Know Yourself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom.”

Enjoy my pictures from my one day trip to St. Augustine. What a Beautiful & Fun Place! The Forte was Amazing and after years of not taking off any days from work, I finally made it up there. It was very cold that day but still wore my Christmas costume I made from festive fabrics. I was able to take some nice pictures for all of you to Enjoy! Remember my artsy flare with my education in Massage, Skincare & Yoga train will only make your time with me Very Pampering, Relaxing & Fun! Cheers

Have you ever seen a wild Manatee up close? or Really Super cute dogs? Enjoy one of my Favorite Classic videos with my pets having Fun at the Beach & the Beautiful Wildlife.


Welcome friends near and far to my humble yet fun website. My newest video called, “Puppies & Pin Ups” was created by using a vast collection of pictures taking through the years. The pictures and music capture the emotion and love I feel for each of my pets over the past six years. Some of my fury friends I’ve lost and they are never around long enough. In their own unique way and personalities touched my heart and soul to make me a better person today. I truly believe animals are angels here on earth and its my passion to love and help them as much as I can in my work and life. I hope you agree and can experience the Love & Joy first hand for yourself.

My venture is my business, “Passion For Skin” here in Palm Bay, Florida. When you visit me, I offer skincare services to pamper dry stressed out bodies in a unique balance that I have created for even the most stressed out, dried out and sore bodies on this planet, Earth!!!

Also, enjoy my newest video called, “Good Vibes With Wendy.” I really Love this Classic Beach Boy song! Every time I hear this tune it always makes me feel Happier inside and its very uplifting anytime of the year.. I hope it does the same for you too? Enjoy!

Welcome To Wendy’s World! Where being cool is feeling sexy & being smart! Where humor is deeply embraced & animals are cherished angels! Where vintage charm, from dress to a warm smile melts even the toughest men! Where gentlemen are pampered & relaxed by a lady of character & wit” Now it’s time to take off that tight tie and frown and smile a bit in Wendy’s World.

“Peace, begins with a smile” -Sister Teresa