What’s New In May In Wendy’s World?

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DSC00290Hi Everyone, well after doing my new fun video called, “Let’s Get Physical” on the beach a few weeks ago. I lost most of my voice and had a sore throat. So I have not been posting like normal. A few new projects I’m working on is my newest video called, “Get Hard!” It will be out late May on my shop page. I’m also putting togather a subscription option for you. For only $22.95 starting June, 2015. You can see all sixteen videos and soon more for two months. This way you can take your time and look at them all. Many of my videos are over 15minutes long and very fun and sex to watch. Some of you bought videos at my  office and they  do not work or you were seeing only my preview video instead of my longer version for sell.   So if you did get one of those videos than please let me know and I will give you the right one. My editing guy was not paying attention when he made me a bunch of copies. I’m very  sorry for the inconvenience.  Please look at my service page for my summer treatments too. Have a Beautiful Day!