Wow The Big “H” Is Coming! Be Safe & Have a Bit of Fun On My Website!

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Hi Everyone, I know you can’t go about your business as usual and might be a bit nervous about the upcoming hurricane! That is why I thought maybe a brief post with a video I did in 2012 would cheer you up! Remember when tropic storm, “Sandy” came by though the coastline going North up the coast? Because it was around Halloween, October they actually called it here in Florida, “Frankenstorm”. The video you will see below, is a short clips of me trying to hold up my sign and in some body paint. It was fun and just brief idea that come to me. I can be a bit creative in thought and than move to action to make a memory and unique video for you to enjoy. Because the hurricane is coming soon my word press tech may need to delay putting the video up. So please come back to this blog later to check it out. I hope to meet you someday. Stay Safe & Well! Cheers